Jonah Wei-Haas is an American pianist/keyboardist, producer, arranger, and teacher.

He first began playing classical piano at age 8.  In high school, he was introduced to Thelonius Monk and promptly fell in love with jazz, funk, rock, and other groove and improvisational based music. 

In 2007, Jonah received the World Tour Scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music where he studied with incredible musicians and teachers including: Joanne Brackeen, Ray Santisi, Leo Blanco, Jamey Haddad, Laszlo Gardony, Mark Whitfield, and Tiger Okoshi.  In 2012, he graduated with Dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Piano Performance and Electronic Production and Design.

In the short time since leaving Berklee, Jonah has accumulated millions of views and over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube channel where he features performances of originals and arrangements of EDM songs on his Nord Stage EX piano.  Jonah composed all original music for the gaming documentary, “Die Noobs,” which premiered on in 2014.  Jonah's music has been featured on MTV / Viacom, E!, ESPN, and BBC Three.  

Currently, Jonah is a freelance musician and producer currently living in Los Angeles, CA.  Jonah currently plays keys with Branden James (America's Got Talent), Robbery Inc. (former guitarist from TRAPT), Jess Godwin (Godwin Anthology), and  FutureFreqs (his electronic side project featuring Aloma Steele + SirensCeol).  


Jonah Wei-Haas proudly endorses  Nord Keyboards, Moog, Ableton Live, Source Audio, Lewitt Microphones, and LastHundred Clothing.


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