Jonah Wei-Haas --- Originals

Original music from the mind of pianist/producer, Jonah Wei-Haas.  They range from more aggressive Dubstep and Glitch Hop, to smoother Future Bass and Jazzier tracks.  These tracks are all accompanied by a live performance video on YouTube.  Check out the links below to watch more and download your own copy.  




FutureFreqs -- 

My live electronic/acoustic Dance Music Performance group featuring: Aloma Steele, Stephen Burke (SirensCeol), and myself.  Our goal is to bring forth a new spectrum of music -- from electronic to acoustic.  We strive to offer a variety of sounds, all performed live and in real time.  

Welcome to the Future!  ;D


Here you can check out some of my popular piano arrangements of EDM tunes.  Each track has a video performance that goes along with it.