Booking for one-on-one Skype lessons is now available!  ***In person lesson arrangements can be made if in the Los Angeles area.  
All skill levels are encouraged to sign up -- You're never too young or old to learn music.   

Skype lessons will also include aspects of the music mentorship (listed down below)

In order to be eligible for Skype lessons you will need:

  • A working webcam and microphone
  • Access to a Piano, Keyboard, MIDI controller, and/or DAW.  
  • A strong Internet connection
  • A burning desire to become the musical ninja you've always wanted to be!



I am currently accepting students into my mentorship program.  Fill out the form below to reserve your spot.   

This program is aimed towards helping more intermediate and advanced musicians/artists navigate their way through all the areas of the music industry.  Whether you are a jazz musician or performer trying to get more gigs or a music producer/artist let me help you take your career to the next step.  

Topics covered will include:

  • Artist Development
  • Branding
  • Digital Music Distribution 
  • Getting Gigs
  • Getting Paid For Your Music!
    • Royalties
      • Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) -- [BMI, ASPCAP, SESAC]
      • Cover Song Mechanical Licenses
  • Selling Merchandise
  • Music Copyright Law
  • Basic Graphic Design / Video Editing
  • Web Page Design
  • And much much more....