Die Noobs Premiere – ESPORTS Gaming Documentary

Some of you may or may have not known that I was asked to write music for the new eSport Gaming Documentary, “Die Noobs.” I had a blast composing original music for the film — almost all of the tracks used in the film are unreleased, so you can hear what I’ve been working on. ;D

The film, directed by Emmy nominated filmmaker Erik Cieslewicz, follows two midwestern underdogs, Jason Rubik and Zack Below on their journey to find out what it takes to become the greatest gamers of all time. The film culminates with the two best friends competing in a national gaming competition of Starcraft 2.  Appearances include Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows, Superman Dean Cain, UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett, Super Bowl Champion Tom Crabtree, NFL Punter Chris Kluwe, Playboy Playmate Pamela Horton and dozens of professional gamers, casters and teams spanning three continents.

The film premieres live on Twitch.tv/twitch August 29th, 2014 and again the following evening, August 30th, 2014 at 6PM PDT again on twitch.tv.

If you missed the premiere and encore of the film all is not lost.  You can support my music and these awesome indie filmmakers by purchasing the film at deadnoobs.com

Check out the Official Die Noobs Theme Song, composed by me and Jess Godwin. —