[VIDEO] Wallflower // Godwin Anthology

"GODWIN: Two name people. You know – the individuals carrying a certain “something”.  People who make such an impact that you can’t help but state their full names when talking about them."

Jess Godwin is undoubtedly a two name person in my eyes.  

This was the first song that Jess and I ever wrote together.  There have been many others written since then, but this song has a special place in my heart.  So seeing Jess perform it like this is very very cool to me.  ;D

When we met up for our first 'co-write', I honestly didn't know what to expect.  But I had this pretty piano melody and chords that I had been kickin' around with for the past few days and Jess immediately engaged with that and thus began a beautiful friendship.  Jess helped us to hone in on the root of the idea and simplify the chord progression which led to new chords and new sections entirely.  Of course, Jess also wrote the beautiful lyrics that really tie the whole song together.  I ended up taking the composition from the piano to the computer and this was the result.  Check out Jess's performance of our original composition, "Wallflower".