[VIDEO] Breathing Life – Sped Up Drawing Collaboration w/ Elizabeth Vuong

I am incredibly excited to announce the release of my latest video which features a collaboration between the minds of Elizabeth MD Vuong and myself.

This video serves as an experiment, attempting to display the entire process of creation in a matter of minutes.  The actual pieces were composed and created over several weeks, but the artwork was sped up to show that these two different art forms can work together harmoniously and breathe life into one another.

It is very powerful to see this piece finally come to fruition.  Liz and I have been wanting to collaborate in some way for many years now.  After many conversations, we came up with a concept, and through lots of positive energy, basically willed this piece to life.  I attempted to channel her energy as she drew and filmed every step of her process.  As she drew, I played piano.  When she moved closer to completion of her piece I fed off of her energy and put it back into an original composition on piano.