I have seen and felt a great deal of ‘hate’ among the music industry lately, specifically within the EDM world about how it “takes not talent or skill to perform or play Electronic music.”  Instead of contributing to this hate and negativity, I have decided that it is time that something be done to remedy this situation.  With that being said, I am incredibly proud to announce that SirensCeol, Aloma Steele, and I are joining forces to form a band of epic proportions.  Together we are called, FutureFreqs.

Our goal is to take a step towards the future of music, because we are simply tired of sitting around and letting generic sounds and techniques flood the community. What we aim to do is bring you a different style of music; one where the recording and performance aspects are shown.  Everything will actually be performed ‘live.’  With this new journey we wish to allow for you all to see the actual creative process in creating the songs, and how intricate live pieces, both acoustic and electronic can be arranged to formulate a full sound. I am beyond excited for this project and I hope that you will join us on our musical journey that we are embarking upon. Cheers.

The Future Is Coming. ;D