Holiday Discount Music Lessons w/ SirensCeol!

Hello Everyone! In the spirit of the holidays, fellow FutureFreq, SirensCeol and I want to give you music lessons.  If you want to take your piano, music production, theory, or composition skills to the next level -- this is your chance.  

As we all know, having a solid understanding of theory and piano is an essential part of songwriting, composition, and music production in general, and Stephen (SirensCeol) is an incredible producer and teacher to learn from.  This is a great opportunity to learn from a very well established EDM producer as well as hone in on your piano skills with myself.   

---This offer only lasts until January 16th.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity and receive your 25% discount on music lessons all you have to do is submit a request using the buttons below and be sure to mention the holiday discount. 

Happy Holidays!  ;D