New Year, New Beginnings, New Resolutions, Newzzz


The new year is here and it feels like just a few short days ago it was 2014.....  wait....

Initially I didn't want to make the obligatory FB post about how 2014 was great for me and how it was the best year and this and this and this happened.  It all feels so disingenuous to me.  And to be honest, 2014 didn't start out as a great year for me.  That being said, I made the most of the year and looking back, accomplished a LOT making last year my bitch.  

So here's my cliche list of accomplishments/milestones/notables/whateveryouwanttocallits and more importantly, some resolutions for the new year.

All these things and more happened for me in 2014:  

  • I began posting on my YouTube Channel with a little more purpose and set a goal to reach 20,000 subscribers by the end of the year -- A goal that I freakin' doubled currently w/ over 45,000 subs?!!!!
  • I released my first original live performance video -- "Wall Maria"
  • I broke not only 1,000,000 but 2,000,000 channel views!  WHAT?!
  • I got endorsed by my favorite keyboard company -- NORD KEYBOARDS!
  • I composed a bunch of tunes for the greatest video game documentary every made--DIE NOOBS!  (Which resulted in the creation of my IMDB page)
  • Haywyre, KDrew, Au5, WRLD, Pegboard Nerds, Braken and many other artists that I have the upmost respect for tweeted and/or also posted about videos.    
  • I started a new band, FutureFreqs, with two of the most talented and awesome people I know.  

Looking at this list, I guess I can't say that 2014 was all that bad.  But I have big hopes for 2015. That being said, I also think that resolutions are overrated and believe that actions speak louder than words or resolutions.  So.....

Here are some of my goals for 2015:

  • Make more videos, original performances, and be more active in the YouTube community.   

  • Hit 100,000 subscribers on my YouTube Channel.   (You can Subscribe HERE  ;D )

  • Make many many many more badass videos with FutureFreqs

  • Post more/regularly on my BLOG -- (That's what your reading right MEOW)

  • Most importantly, (and hopefully I'll never be done with this one)-- To continue listening, learning, and pushing myself to be always be a better musician and person.  

I hope to accomplish this and much more over the course of the year, but I figure I'll leave the list a bit on the shorter side and give myself a chance to do it all and then some!  Here's to starting to tackle the list now with a brand spankin' new video -- 

Thank you so much for a great year.  If you read this whole post then you are certified ---


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Here's to an even better 2015.  

Cheers y'all.  ;D


-Jonah  //