[VIDEO] TRIVECTA - "Evaporate" (Piano Cover Collaboration)

My first cover of a track that I got the original artists in on it!!!

A few months ago, I received a tweet requesting (kind of jokingly) me to make cover of Trivecta's "Evaporate", and to get Aloma, and Trivecta himself in on it.  While, I was familiar with the trance anthem that was released on Monstercat earlier this year, I had no prior plans of arranging that tune.  However, this did give me an idea.  I started learning the form of the tune -- well enough that I felt confident enough to ask Trivecta if he would be interested in working with Aloma and myself on this arrangement.

I finally worked up the courage to reach out to Aloma Steele and Trivecta, and a few days later we began working on an acoustic cover of "Evaporate"!

To be completely honest, it was a little surreal working on a cover with the original artists of the track, but it was also an incredibly inspiring and humbling experience getting to work with producers that I respect and look up to 

(Download, Stream, and Sheet Music are all below!)

Hope you enjoy our arrangement of "Evaporate".  Please share it if you dig it.  ;D




Digital Download of the transcription of my piano arrangement of "Evaporate" by Trivecta.  

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