[VIDEO] PEGBOARD NERDS - "Try This" (Jazz Band Cover)

This video is the culmination of many months of work.  I started working on this arrangement with good friend and alto saxophonist, Jake Dester months ago.  The actual arrangement itself came together rather quickly, but then finding the right players and coordinating schedules/locations for rehearsals and filming ended up taking longer than initially intended. 

But, we stuck with it, and I'm truly glad that we did; because playing with this 'little big band' was a boatload of fun!  

As always, you can purchase and stream the track from the links below.  You can also purchase and download the sheet music for each part.  And finally if you're interested, you can get the shirt that I'm wearing in the video as well.   ;D

Hope y'all dig all the hard work that everyone put into this effort.  So incredibly happy to present to you my full band arrangement of "Try This" by Pegboard Nerds.



Tenor Saxophone — Ryan Tedder
Alto Saxophone — Jake Dester
Trombone — Zach Marley
Tuba — Amir Gray
Bass — Theodore Berry IV
Drums — Mike Hussa
Keys — Jonah Wei-Haas

Transcription, Arrangment, Mixing/Mastering, Video Editing by Jonah Wei-Haas.  
Addition Transcription and Arrangement by Jake Dester.
Filming by Chris Dingman