[VIDEO] "SIDONIA" Original Collaboration w/ Reuben Gingrich

SIDONIA (ft. Reuben Gingrich)

The snow is melting and the sun is finally beginning to shine through what has seemed to be a never ending winter.  Just in time for spring, I am extremely proud to present to you my latest original track with accompanying performance video.  This video is a collaboration between me and Chicago drummer, Reuben Gingrich.  I had known about Reuben, online at least, through his YouTube channel ever since I moved to the city.  We had been messaging each other about trying to work together, but our schedules never aligned.  Whenever he would be free, I would be traveling or vice versa.  A year and a half later, we finally found some time to make this video collaboration happen, and I am quite pleased with the outcome.  So, as sweater weather ends, I present to you, "Sidonia" (ft. Reuben Gingrich)

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