[VIDEO] Far Away Release + Sheet Music


I woke up this morning and looked out my window only to see that it was furiously snowing and several inches of snow had accumulated.  This drastic weather change coming after a taste of the nice, Chicago spring weather hurts just a little bit.  

But, maybe that's exactly how it's supposed to be....  

In a way, it couldn't have come at a more appropriate time because my latest piano video, an arrangement of Tristam & Braken's latest EDM banger, "Far Away," had just gone live a few short hours before.  It truly had me feeling that Spring was so.....Far Away.  

I've always truly enjoyed making piano arrangements of the tracks that Tristam and Braken produce together.  Not only are they very thoughtful, well developed, and often very musical compositions.  But the production and sound design is other worldly.  They truly are inspiring musicians and it's an honor for me to try to replicate their compositions on my instrument.  

I know many of my viewers are asking for sheet music of my arrangements.  And while, it is not impossible for me to make sheet music, it's not really part of my process from the beginning.  Believe it or not, but I prefer to make the arrangements by ear and let my imagination run wild as it develops into its own piece.  I almost try to avoid writing it out because I feel that it would limit my creativity in a way.  I also try to create moments in my arrangements that allow for improvisation, so that means that some things may be played for the first time during the recording and thus I really couldn't write it out until after the fact.  So, any sheet music that I have written or created was just my transcription of my performance after it's all said and done.  

All of that being said, I truly appreciate every single one of you that has watched my videos, listened to my music, come up and said hello to me at a show, or even just wrote a nice comment.  You are incredible people and inspire me daily through your comments and messages.  I want to be able to give back the same love that you give to me.  So, I decided to take a day and write out my latest piano arrangement and offer it to you for FREE.   ;D

If you want to download my arrangement of Tristam & Braken - "Far Away" --

As always you can download your own personal copy on my soundcloud (First 1,000)