[VIDEO] "The Girl" (Piano Cover) ft. Aloma Steele

"The Girl" - Jonah Wei-Haas (Piano Cover)

ft. Aloma Steele

I'm here again to bring you my latest piano video.  This time, I'm joined by the incredible powerful voice, and fellow FutureFreq bandmate, Aloma Steele!  

I am honored and humbled to work with such talented musician like Aloma.  I fell in love with her voice when I first heard her singing on "Moonlight" w/ SirensCeol and Varien.   And now, I'm proud to say that Aloma, SirensCeol, and myself are in a group known as FutureFreqs.  ;D

Check out our acoustic live performance of Hellberg's electro masterpiece, "The Girl."  As always, if you dig it, please share it with a friend.  That's how we grow this community and will also allow me to release more content with a higher frequency.  So, with all that said, here is --

THE GIRL (Jonah Wei-Haas Piano Cover) ft. Aloma Steele


Sheet Music for my solo Piano arrangement of "The Girl" by Hellberg.

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