[VIDEO] "Anime Bae" Piano Cover + Shirt Link!

I'm back y'all!

HEYOO!  I'm back and this time, I'm pumped to be bringing you my latest solo piano arrangement of "Anime Bae" by Sushi Killer & Kevin Villecco.  This was their first Monstercat release together and is one of my favorites.  They have since formed a group called, Hyper Potions.  However, since this track was released before Hyper Potions existed, I'm giving credit to Sushi and Kevin separately.  

It's always a fun challenge for me to see where or if I can fit in a solo within the performance.  I try to create moments in the arrangement where I can be free to improvise or ad lib a little bit.  This is one of the main reasons why no sheet music really ever exists until after I record the video.  I think that if I wrote it all out before hand, in a way, it would limit those brief moments of improvisation. To me, this keeps things fresh while making the entire process more exciting and fun, but still staying true to the original essence of the tune.   

Also, I am getting back to my roots with the one front facing camera angle, (mostly because my other camera wasn't charged), but also because I've been getting some messages from people wondering if I am actaully playing or not. 

So here's to the haters, and more importantly, the lovers

my piano arrangement of  "Anime Bae" !!!

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Full digital download of my solo piano arrangement of "Anime Bae" by Hyper Potions.  ;D

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