[VIDEO] Jess Godwin x Jonah Wei-Haas - Chemistry

Godwin Anthology MUSIC VIDEO Collaboration

Ever since I moved to Chicago, I have been working and writing with local musician and vocalist, Jess Godwin.  Jess was one of the first musicians that I felt truly comfortable writing music with, so I was stoked when she came to me with the idea of turning one of our tunes into more of an electronic production.  We started writing the track long over a year ago and it has gone through many many different versions since then. 

This track and project are very appealing to me because it is a bit different than any of my past musical endeavors.  Jess has been embarking on her musical project known as, Godwin Anthology.  The idea behind it is that it is a book.  Every month she releases an original track, with accompanying performance music video about someone important in her life.  Each track and video serves as a chapter to the Godwin Anthology.  Be sure to read her post about the "Chemistry" chapter including her adorable custom chemical formulas.  ;D

Because Jess has been such an inspiring light in my life, it only made sense to make "Chemistry" a part of the Anthology.  I'm really excited because we brought in the epic artwork of my fianc√©, Nestingzone to help tie the track's message together.  You can see her final piece and her full time-lapsed drawing video HERE.  

Hope you enjoy our latest auditory offering and be sure to check out the JWEIHAAS and Jess Godwin Chemistry Shirts and download links below! 


Includes the full arrangement / score of "Chemistry" by Jonah Wei-Haas & Jess Godwin.  

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