[VIDEO] Chiberia EP + Official Music Video!

I’m so incredibly stoked to be able to share this collaboration with y’all!

I discovered Resh’s channel almost a year ago when he used my “Frame of Mind” (Piano Cover) in his epic RHG: Umbrella V FLLFFL Animation.  After seeing this, I admired his work from afar.  

Fast forward almost a year.  I had been working on a song, inspired by the turbulent winters/weather in Chicago, and I kept seeing an adventurous story in my mind whenever I closed my eyes and listened back to it.

So now that I had a concept for a ‘music video’ or just a story line, using my track, I needed to bring in someone to actually help me realize this vision.  I immediately thought of Resh.  I had never actually spoken to him, so I thought that it might be a long shot, especially since Im not on a label and didn't really have a budget for this project, but I decided to reach out to him.  And boy am I glad that I did.  To my extreme excitement, he was not only open to the idea, but incredibly stoked on it and immediately began drawing up storyboards and sketches.  

After a month or two of passing files and ideas back and forth; what he presented me with was worlds better than I could ever have imagined.  Seriously, I'm in awe of his skills — Be sure to check out his YouTube Channel to see more of his incredible flash animation work.  

So, without further ado, here is my latest original musical offering and debut music video, "Chiberia".  Hope you dig it.  


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