[PRESS] Under The Lights Podcast Interview


I don't know about y'all, but I have been really getting into listening to podcasts more and more lately.  It feels like sometimes I have a bit of a podcast addiction sometimes.  ;D

It started with shows like "Serial" and "Start Up," and  "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me," or the more informative "Hardcore History," which then lead to more silly/comedic podcasts like "Ten Minute Podcast," "The Champs," and of course "Classic Loveline."  

I find that podcasts are not only a great source of entertainment, but also changing the game as far as how interviews are conducted.  It introduces a brand new long format interview that just would never be possible on traditional TV / Radio settings.  So you can see why when Eric Burgher, host of the podcast, "Under The Lights," reached out to me about being a guest on his show, I couldn't resist.  

"Under The Lights," is a podcast that features Chicago artists and creative minds, from theater actors, playwrights, and directors, to musicians and more.  Eric and I sat down to talk a bit about my musical upbringing and also how technology has played a huge role in my process, but also opened up so many other exciting possibilities.  I had never met Eric before this, so we truly are hearing things about each other for the first time.  

So, take a listen to my in depth, one-on-one interview on "Under The Lights" -- 

Hope you dig it / maybe learn something you didn't know about me.  Or just get to hear me talk about myself and music and stuff.  ;D