A very cool milestone -- 75,000+ Subscribers!  

When I started seriously posting videos to my YouTube channel just a few short years ago, I could have never predicated that it would grow into the community that it has.  Almost daily, I get to read all of your awesome and kind comments, messages, emails, letters, tweets, and more about how my music or arrangements have either inspired you to start playing or served as that 're-spark' to kickstart and continue your own musical journey again.  I have had the privilege of speaking in person or over the internet with many of the subscribers from my channel and some have even went on to become great and inspiring students of mine.

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Now ....let's talk sheet music.  So, many of the comments that I receive are about sheets for my arrangements.  While I am happy to make certain ones, it is not part of my process that goes into making the video -- so it literally is made as a way to give back to you.  I will be making more transcriptions of my performances and releasing them as I hit other subscriber tiers.  See available music and what's coming up next at my Facebook Page.  

In order to guarantee a smooth download your copy of my arrangement of "Frame Of Mind"-- 

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  • Click the link for the sheet that you want and enjoy.  ;D

Thanks again for the support y'all.  Cheers.