[PRESS] The Company You Keep Podcast w/ Briar Rabbit


I was recently a guest on Briar Rabbit's new podcast, "The Company You Keep," to talk about my experiences with choosing music as a career, but more importantly to recall some of our fond memories of how we became friends, then college roommates, to band mates, and other general hijinks from our time at music school together.  

Briar Rabbit, is the nephew of the late great blues artist, B.B. King, and he is also an accomplished singer-songwriter in his own right.  We met during my first week at Berklee College of Music and have been friends ever since.  

We recorded this remotely -- me in my bedroom studio and Briar in his home in Detroit, but it came together very nicely considering our situations.  

It truly is a great conversation and you should definitely Subscribe to his show by clicking the buttons below.

If you are interested in hearing me talk more in a slightly more formal conversation about my musical upbringing and the path that led me to where I am now, you can check out the Under The Lights Podcast.

Onward and upwards friends!