[VIDEO] Chiberia (Piano Performance) + SHEET MUSIC

That's right, I can piano cover my own original songs too.... ;D

This performance wasn't initially planned.  However, as my original music video collaboration with ReshAnims was nearing completion, we realized that we needed some music for the credit sequence.  Since the first six and a half minutes were my original music and his epic style of stick figure animation, it didn't make sense to use just any random song.  

So, I immediately had the thought "....well, I did write the song on piano, I could just whip up a quick piano improvisation version to play alongside the credits..." and BOOM!  I spent one day making a quick arrangement with lots of moments of pure improvisation and decided to film it before I sent the audio back to Resh.  

I decided to transcribe my performance into sheet music so that anyone that was interested could have the chance to play it too.  If you dig it, you can grab your own personal copies of the sheet music or the track using the links below.     

So, here's the Official Piano Performance/cover of my original track, "Chiberia."