[VIDEO] "Emoji" (maNga Collaboration) + Anime Bae Sheet Music

Happy New Year Friends!  

Thanks for a great 2015 y'all. 

I hope you all had a great and restful holiday! 

I'm startin' out the new year by bringing you an epic collaboration with Turkish rock band, maNga.  I met the drummer of the group, Özgür Can Öney, several years ago at the NAMM convention in Anaheim, CA and we stayed in contact online via social media.  

So when he came to me with the idea of making a "rock'ed" out version of Pegboard Nerd's future EDM track, "Emoji", I immediate jumped at the opportunity.  

I took all of their ideas and mine, arranged them all together, broke out the both Nord's and the end result was this awesome final video.  I hope you can dig it.  Definitely show them some love on their pages.

Drums — Özgür Can Öney ( maNga )

Bass — Cem Bahtiyar ( maNga )

Guitar — Yağmur Sarıgül ( maNga )

Guitar / Bass / Drums Recorded at StudioN

Recording Assistant — Aziz Berk Erten

Keys — Jonah Wei-Haas

Arrangment, Mixing, Mastering, and Video Editing — Jonah Wei-Haas


Full digital download of my solo piano arrangement of "Anime Bae" by Hyper Potions.  ;D

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