Happy Valentine’s Day Y’all!  ;D

After a bit of a break, I'm happy to be back and working on new content for my channel and more.  I am working on a bunch of really exciting and different musical and video collaborations,

But....I also wanted to get back to the roots of my youtube channel, and release another solo piano cover for y'all.  I remember when the original track came out, I attempted to come up with a concept for a cover, but struggled to work it out completely solo.  Initially wanting to do a multicam / multi take / layered video with multiple parts.  But after some time, I reopened the song project, stripped away the original ideas, started fresh, added a solo section, and chose the 'important parts' to include, (I only have 2 hands and 10 fingers after all!).  

You can hear for yourself below and let me know if I did the original justice.  Hope you enjoy my solo piano arrangement of "Roses" by Deon Custom.  







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