Heyyy party ppl,

It's really interesting and exciting for me to hear the creativity and new sounds that are starting to emerge as the EDM wave begins to die down.  I'm particularly fond of the jazzier, more musical hybrid genres that are coming to the surface.  Obviously, I have a soft spot for many of the tracks that would be considered 'Future Bass'.  

So, naturally when my homies, Hyper Potions, began producing more in that genre, it was only a matter of time before I covered some of their tracks [Anime Bae Piano Cover].

Honestly, I wasn't initially planning on covering "Porta Vista," but the requests for it we're undeniable.  I received many messages, tweets, and comments across all of my videos asking for an arrangement.  

SO.....almost a year later... (better late than never, right??) 

I am stoked to personally share with you my brand spankin' new solo piano arrangement of "Porta Vista" by Hyper Potions.  

Feel free to share the video with a friend if you dig it, and give it a 'thumbs up'.  ;D





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