Hey Y'all!

I’ve decided to create a Patreon as a way to help fund my work, so that I can not only continue creating, but also "step up my game" with each new release.  Creating these videos is a very time intensive process.  I do all of the recording, production, filming, editing, mixing, and mastering at home -- one video can take hours or days/weeks to complete.  


It's a Patron, you can pledge any dollar amount of your choosing for each new video/piece of content that I release on my channel -- (About 1 or 2 videos per month)**.  

So if you pledge $3....then once a month you will be charged $3, and your contribution will help me make more videos.  (That's far less than that daily cup of coffee!)

Of course, these videos will continue to be released for free on my YouTube channel, but if you decide to become a Patron you will receive some exclusive rewards along with that video here on Patreon.    

Be sure to check out the full list of rewards --

I'm incredibly excited to get to know you a bit more as I continue on my musical journey -- 

I hope that you will join me.  

With your support, I look forward to producing higher quality videos and music, interacting with you, growing our community, and giving back.  ;D




** A few important things (in case the video wasn't clear enough) -- 

  • My channel isn’t going away or going up behind a paywall or anything like that.  I’m simply asking for some help to make my music and videos better, more regular, and more professional.  Every bit helps towards that end, but even if this thing gets exactly zero dollars, I’d still continue to make music and post videos.  
  • If you do decide to pledge to support me, you will never be charged more than you want to be -- You can set a ‘Maximum Payment Per Month’ when you pledge, if you are concerned about paying too much.  (The whole point of this is to build on to this community and offer some extras with each new piece of content that I release, NOT for me to try and rip you off.)
  • If you aren’t comfortable with, can’t afford to, or simply have disagreements with the idea of donating -- DON'T!  It doesn’t offend me, and I totally get how awkward crowdfunding can be.