We had the pleasure of boarding and rocking out on the van -- that is the Jam In The Van
It was an awesome time, despite only have enough time for one take per song.  We also all had a little giggle at the band description that they included:

"This keyboardist plays the bass with one hand and the organ with the other, talk about skill. When you check out this band, I want you to try to tap your head and rub your belly at the same time, bet you can’t. Bet this dude can." 

This was a very cool experience and we definitely had a blast.  Robbery Inc is currently gearing up for a small east coast run of shows / mini tour.  Check out more information about when and where you can see us play by clicking right HERE!  

Below are the three videos from our session on Jam In The Van!  If you dig it, share it with a friend.