Hey Y'all!  

This has been a crazy month for me for sure.  I just got off a short east coast tour with Robbery Inc., I've been playing out more than ever, and I am getting married to my favorite person this upcoming weekend.  

I had an absolute blast working out this beautiful piano arrangement of "Before We Fade" by Tristam.  I am glad that I came back to this one after so many months.  

Also, big big big big shoutout to my friends at Riot Society for letting me roll through their HQ and set up shop for a day.  Seriously tho, they make some of my favorite shirts in the world.  While we were there, Alexa and I recorded some new stuff as well.  ;D

Hope you dig my latest piano arrangement.  If you do, write me a comment or share it with a friend.  Also, grab the sheet music if you want with the link below!