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I’ve decided to create a Patreon as a way to help fund my work, so that I can not only continue creating, but also "step up my game" with each new release.  Creating these videos is a very time intensive process.  I do all of the recording, production, filming, editing, mixing...

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[VIDEO] PEGBOARD NERDS - "Try This" (Jazz Band Cover)

This video is the culmination of many months of work.  I started working on this arrangement with good friend and alto saxophonist, Jake Dester months ago.  The actual arrangement itself came together rather quickly.....

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[PRESS] Under The Lights Podcast Interview

I don't know about y'all, but I have been really getting into listening to podcasts more and more lately.  It feels like sometimes I have a bit of a podcast addiction sometimes.  ;D

It started with shows like "Serial" and "Start Up," and  "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me," or the more informative "Hardcore History," which then lead to more silly/comedic podcasts like "Ten Minute Podcast," "The Champs," and of course....

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