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[VIDEO] My First Original Live Performance Video

This is really a big first for me y'all.  I know you guys have seen me play piano, but you may or may not have seen or heard my original music.  I am proud to announce the release of my first ever original live performance video.  

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[PRESS] FutureFreqs - "Messages" YourEDM Post

Another humbling post from YourEDM about the newest FutureFreq's track, "Messages."  The response of this project has been incredible to say the least.  This track has a very personal meaning to all of us because as a collaborative group living in different parts of the world, we haven't actually met face to face. 

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[PRESS] FutureFreqs – “Love And Fear” YourEDM Post

Just one week after the release and announcement of FutureFreqs, the group has already gotten great feedback and some pretty cool features,  including a great post by YourEDM.  Big thanks to our friends at YourEDM for the great write up and 9.4 rating out of 10 on originality and production.  ;DD

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