Grabbitz, an extremely talented producer and songwriter, who is known for his Rock - EDM crossover style, just released his first full length album, "Things Change".  I have been a fan of his music for a while now and wanted to celebrate the album release by arranging and performing the title track.  

I wish I could take full credit for the idea, but it was actually Alexa Lusader's idea.  She showed me the tunes and I loved the idea.  Part of what I loved about this cover was how organically and how seamlessly the arrangement fell into place.  The song itself is almost more of a ballad in a three feel; and we really wanted our arrangement constantly be building and subtly changing throughout in dynamics and emotion.  Within a week of the idea, we had rehearsed and filmed the video.   

I hope you dig out arrangement of "Things Change" by Grabbitz, featuring Alexa Lusader.  Write a comment or share with a friend if you like what you hear.  


Full transcription of the piano part of my arrangement of "Things Change" by Grabbitz.  

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