The Truth, is.....

...running in our blood.  
The answers are lying here within.

I've been diggin' the throwback train I've been on recently,
so I think I'm gonna ride it out for now...

I've had a bunch of requests to do full versions of the songs from the Monstercat Mix/Medley video that I did several years ago, but, "Truth", has had the most by far. 

I must also mention that the service that I use to digitally release my music to all the internet stores and streaming sites, Distrokid, sponsored this video. I'm incredibly happy that they wanted to work with me, because honestly I've been using their service for years now. 
I'll explain more in the video, but if you are a songwriter/producer/beatmaker/noisemaker then I'm offering you a chance to release your music to the world!  (if you aren't already).

Basically click this link or the banner below to sign up and you will get 7% off your first year with Distrokid.  

Thanks so much for listening/watching/subscribing/commenting/participating,




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Show your support and help me continue making videos!  ;D

Show your support and help me continue making videos!  ;D